Gathering And Submitting Log Files

Use one of the two methods listed below for gathering logs.


Method 1 - If SafeCentral SecureDesktop is installed

Step 1: Download and Unzip, find SCSD_LogCapture.bat (Run as Administrator) 

Step 2: Once the process is finished, the log files will be available in C:\ as


Method 2 -  If SafeCentral SecureDesktop is not installed

 Step 1: Download and unzip

Step 2: Place the 2 unzipped files loggatherer.exe and loggatherer.config on the computer in the same folder.

Step 3:Open a Command Prompt with Administrative privileges.


Step 4: Navigate to the folder where the 2 files were placed

Step 5: Type in the command below:

loggatherer.exe c:\

Step 6: Obtain the log file from C:\


Additional log files:

In a command prompt with admin privileges, type in: powercfg -energy

Collect the generated file energy-report.html

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