Clean uninstallation

Step 1. Uninstall the software using TBPRemovalTool.exe

or you can use the existing installer to remove TBP/AVPS 

Step 2. Download and Run Windows Install Clean up (msicuu2.exe)

Remove the following entries

  • Anti-Virus Plus Security [2.0.1317]

  •  Antivirus SDK [1.0.1]

  •  AVPS Firewall [2.0.1317]

  • Firewall SDK [1.0.1]

  • Telstra Antimalware [2.0.1317]

  • Telstra Framework [2.0.1317]

  • Telstra Security Suite Extensions [2.0.1317]

Step 3. Check C:\Program Files\Telstra or C:\Program Files 86x\Telstra

Remove the following folders:

- Antimalware
- Dashboard
- Firewall
- Framework
- SuiteExtenstions
- Updater

C:\ProgramData\Telstra          NOTE: If you cannot find ProgramData you will have to type it in manually

Remove the following folder:

- Framework

NOTEIf you are unable to remove any run computer in safe mode with networking.


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