Firewall Compatibility

Listed below are some of the more common firewall software vendors and how our software interacts with these programs.  If you are using a firewall that is not compatible with the Security Suite software and you wish to use the Security Suite software, you must uninstall your firewall software.  You will need to contact your specific software vendor for proper removal instructions.

1.  The following firewalls must be uninstalled for the Security Suite software to work properly.

Sygate 5.5
Sygate 6.0
McAfee Suite 6.0
McAfee Suite 2005 and 2007
Trend Micro Internet Security (Firewall) 11.00
Trend Micro PC Cillin Suite 2005
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 2.5
Norton Internet Security Suite 2005, 2008
Norman Personal Firewall 1.42 on Win 98/ME

2.  The following firewall vendors are detected.  The Security Suite software Firewall is not enabled.  You will receive a message that you can have your existing firewall and the Security Suite software product - but not the security software firewall too.

My-eTrust Personal Firewall 4.5
Zone Alarm Pro 5.5
Norton Firewall 2008
Tiny Personal Firewall
EZ Armor Suite 2005

3.  The following firewall vendors are compatible with our software.  There is no system incompatibility between the 2 firewalls.  The firewall with the highest (most restrictive) rule wins.

Armor2Net 3.12
ConSeal PC Firewall 2.2
NetWatcher 2000 1.0
Kerio Personal Firewall 4.0
Norman Personal Firewall 1.42 on XP/NT

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