Resolving a Javascript error while installing

Step 1. Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2. Click on Tools, and then click Internet Options.

Step 3. Click the Security tab and then click Custom Level.


Step 4.  Scroll down to Scripting, Active scripting, and select Enable.   


Step 5. Click OK twice.


Step 6. Click on File and then click on Close


If the error persists after making the changes, register the jscript.dll file.

How to register the jscript.dll file

Step 1. Close Internet Explorer.
Step 2. Click Start then Run (Windows XP)

Step 3. Enter regsvr32 jscript.dll (in the search box for Vista and 7)

Step 4. Select OK


If the file registration succeeds, open the Internet Explorer browser and attempt to reinstall the security suite. If the file fails to register, refer to your PC manufacturer or Microsoft.  This is a basic PC operating system issue and is not a result of installing the security suite.  Attempting to install the security suite just identified the existing fault.


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