Installing the software

Note: Your installation link will vary based upon your ISP or provider.

Step 1. At the installation prompt you will either be prompted for a license key or username/email address and password. Enter your credentials.

Step 2. Accept the EULA (end user license agreement). Click next.

Step 3. The installer will generate a license key if you entered credentials and prompt you to install the "wizard.exe" ActiveX control from "Wontok , Inc". Install the ActiveX control. If UAC (user account control) is enabled on systems with Vista or higher accept the UAC prompt to continue installation. Additionally, you may be prompted to launch Internet Explorer with Administrative privileges. If you receive this message please the "click here" hyperlink on the installation page.

Step 4. The installation wizard will now scan your computer to ensure all system requirements are met. 

Step 5. A scan results page will display with the available security modules to install. You may receive warnings if you already have 3rd party software installed on the system that will conflict with our security modules. Click next.

Step 6. The software will now activate and resume download and installing the security features selected.

Step 7. Once completed you will be prompted to reboot your computer and the software will update and protect your computer from future threats.


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