Unable to install ActiveX control - Internet Explorer is preventing the installation wizard from continuing




During Step one of the installation wizard you are prompted to "click next" to proceed to step two, scanning for minimum requirements.  The ActiveX control must be installed prior to the system scan. 


If Next is clicked without installing ActiveX the following prompt appears:


Internet Explorer is preventing the installation wizard from continuing.



The Installation Wizard provides two ways to install the ActiveX Control.


Option 1.    A highlighted bar above the installation wizard screen that reads: "This website wants to install the following add-on: wizard.exe from Wontok, Inc.  If you trust the website and the add-on and want to install, click here..."


- or -


Option 2. Within the Security Suite installation wizard box choose the "Click Here" link to install the ActiveX control

Steps to Install ActiveX


Step 1. Click on one of the listed options to install the ActiveX control.  When  a small box  appears, click on the link Install ActiveX Control


Step 2. After Installing the ActiveX Control, proceed to step 2 of the installation wizard.


If you are unable to install ActiveX via the options listed, follow the steps below:


Step 3.  Open the control panel, click on Internet OptionsSecurity tab, custom level, and reset settings to medium.


Step 4. If resetting the custom level to medium doesn't allow you to install the ActiveX then within the same custom security level enable all ActiveX options.

NOTE:  Step 4 should only be done as a last resort.  Enabling all ActiveX Controls could be dangerous to the computers security.


Step 5:  Once the Security Suite is installed, reset ActiveX option to their default settings.


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