Anti-Malware - On-demand configuration

On-demand Malware protection

Note: You are unable to close the Spyware scan window whilst a scan is in progress. If you wish for an On-demand scan to occur in the background please refer to the Scheduled On-demand Malware scan article.

Step 1: On the BigPond Security dashboard select the PC Protection icon on the software dashboard.

Step 2: Scroll across and down to select the Scan for Malware option from the drop down list, as depicted in the picture above. This action will display the window below.

Step 3: Select the Scan Now button.

This will launch the following screen on the first instance of running.

This window shows the File Locations options with the default scan location (c:\) already selected and the File Typesselection options. For information on adjustments please see Advanced Spyware configuration section.

Select OK to continue scan option and launch the following screen.

Step 4: Once scan is complete, and you have dealt with the discovered spyware issues. More information on this can be found in the Dealing with detected Spyware section Click OK to close the settings screen.


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