Anti-Malware - On-access configuration

On-access Malware protection


Step 1: On the BigPond Security dashboard select the Anti-Malware icon on the software dashboard.



Step 2: Scroll across and down to select the Malware Scan Settings option from the drop down list, as depicted in the picture above. This action will display the window below.


This window shows the default scan location and the File Types selection options.

Note: For information on adjustments please see Advanced Spyware configuration section.


Step 3: In the BigPond Security Settings window the left frame holds the navigation menu. In this scenario the Spyware Scan Settings are originally displayed. Ensure that Anti-Malware Scan Settings are displayed. Select the Settings option from the navigation menu. This action will display the window below



Select the Anti-Spyware protection profile that you want to use:

  • Off (not recommended): On-access scanning is disabled; you are not optimally protected against spyware. Files will not be scanned automatically. You have to perform an on-demand scan in order to detect viruses.
  • Always on: On-access scanning is enabled. Files will be checked automatically for spyware and you will receive an Anti-Spyware Alert when a spyware is found. In addition, BigPond security will automatically try to repair the infected file by removing the spyware from it.
  • Prompt: The default setting. On-access scanning is enabled. Files will automatically be checked for spyware and you will receive an Anti-Spyware Alert when a spyware is found.


Step 4: Once you have made the changes to the settings screen, click the Apply button to save your changes.


Step 5: Click OK to close the settings screen.


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