On-demand Anti-Virus scanning

On-demand Anti-Virus scanning

On-demand Anti-Virus scanning Follow the steps below to start a Scan Now Anti-Virus scan:

Step 1: On the BigPond Security dashboard select the PC Protection icon on the software dashboard.mage

Step 2: Scroll across and down to select Scan for Viruses… option from the drop down list, as depicted in picture above.

Step 3: In the BigPond Security Settings window the left frame holds the navigation menu. In this scenario the Anti-Virus Scan settings are displayed. This action will display the window below


Step 4: Selection of the Scan Now option will launch an On-Demand Anti-Virus scan.

Step 5: Select the directories you wish to be scanned, by placing a þ as depicted in image below.


Select the OK button.

This action will start the Anti-Virus scan on your computer. Any detected Viruses will be listed within the Infected Filemenu. See article Dealing with detected Viruses for more information.

Step 6: Once scan has been completed. Window below will appear.


Click OK to close the Anti-Virus screen.

Step 7: Click OK to close the settings screen.

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