Scheduling On-demand Malware protection

Scheduled On-demand Anti-Malware scanning

Step 1: On the BigPond Security dashboard select the PC Protection icon on the software dashboard.


Step 2: Scroll across and down to select PC Protection Settings… option from the drop down list, as depicted in picture above.

Step 3: In the BigPond Security Settings window the left frame holds the navigation menu. In this scenario the Anti-Virus Settings are originally displayed. Ensure that Scheduled Scan Settings are displayed. Select the Scheduled Scan option from the navigation menu. This action will display the window below


Step 4: Place a check in the checkbox at the top, next to the word "Enable".

Step 5: Within the Scan Schedule choose between Once, Daily, Weekly and Monthly for the scan to be scheduled.

Step 6: Then select a time and date in which you would like the scheduled scan to begin.


Step 7: You will then need to click on the link "Click here" at the bottom to select a folder/drive you would like the scheduled scan to scan through. As depicted above.

Step 8: By default Drive C is selected. Any additional drives you wish to scan can be selected, by "Add Folder…" option. Remove previous selection with "Remove" option. Once complete click on OK.



Step 9: Then place a check in the box, where it says Automatically quarantine detected viruses.

Step 10: Once you have made changes to a settings screen, click Apply to save your changes.

Step 11: Click OK to close the settings screen.

Your scheduled scan is now enabled and will run on the schedule date and time.

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