Uninstalling via Add or Remove programs

Step 1. On the Windows Taskbar, click Start, and then Control Panel.

Step 2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program in Vista and 7.

Step 3. In the list of programs, highlight Security Suite and click on the Change or the Remove button (Uninstall/Change in Vista and 7).

Step 4. In the Repair and Uninstaller Application, either choose Uninstall all Security Suite modules or Only uninstall specific modules (Select modules to uninstall) and select the modules you want to remove.


Step 5. You will receive a second Repair and Uninstaller Application prompt box, read the information provided and click Continue.


Step 6. You will see an important warning message is displayed, warning you that you are about to uninstall this product in case you have chosen to Uninstall all BigPond Security modules. Read the message and click Continue.

Step 7. Please wait while the program uninstalls. A message appears informing you that you must restart your computer.

Step 8. Click OK. The computer restarts automatically.


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