Configure Advanced Scan Options

Configure Advanced Scan Options

You can configure further options for the Malware Scan engine, by clicking on Computer Protection and then selecting “Status and Settings

In the Computer Protection Status and Settings section, you will have the ability to configure the following features:

  • Scan Settings
  • Quarantine Files
  • Updates
  • Web Protection

You can also enable or disable (not recommended) Antimalware Real-Time Protection.




Scan Settings

You can configure how you want to handle infected and suspicious files, identified by Telstra Online Security for Mac, in this area.

You can choose a secondary option on handling these files, if the primary selection fails.

The options available for handling infected and suspicious files are:


Disinfect: The malicious pieces of code will be removed from the file/s in order to clean it.

Quarantine: The malicious or suspicious file/s will be blocked from executing. You can later review the blocked files in the Quarantine section.

Delete: The malicious file/s will be deleted on detection



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