Managing malware alerts

Managing malware alerts


Malware alerts provide you with detailed information on detected malware, and let you decide how the infected file should be dealt with.


The information available on infected files will be the same for both real time alerts and stored alerts. Real time alerts will display on the bottom right of your screen for 30 seconds, prompting you to take action.


On the top-half of the Antivirus Alert windows you can find the following information:


  • A short description of the alert displays will be displayed in the window title bar. A counter indicates how many alerts are pending, as well as the index of the alert you are currently viewing.
    The arrow symbols < and > on the left allow you to Navigate between Alerts.
  • Date and time– Displays the date and time that the alert was generated.
  • Severity– Displays a severity level indicator. The severity indicator spans GreenYellow, and RedGreen indicates that the alert is not urgent, while Red indicates that the alert is more urgent. The severity level is dictated by the nature of the event.
  • Description– A more extensive description of the event is given if available, detailing the application, and action taken.
  • What Now– Offers you advice on how to proceed.


You can choose an action from the Alert Actions available in the bottom-half of the window.


For Antivirus Alerts, choose one of the following actions:

  • Choose Delete this alert to delete the alert you are currently viewing. When you delete the alert you are viewing you will automatically be shown the next alert, if available. You can also click (or all Antivirus alerts) to delete all Virus Alerts, including the one you are currently viewing.
  • Click Attempt to repair the file to see if the infection can be removed from the file.
  • What do I do when I have a virus will link you to the Telstra Online Security’s built in help library.


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