Removing Telstra Online Security via Uninstaller

Uninstall Telstra Online Security via TOS Uninstaller Tool


Note: Please use this tool in case you are not able to uninstall Telstra Online Security from Programs/Features in the Control Panel.


Step 1: Download the Telstra Online Security Uninstaller tool from the file attachment below.

Step 2: Run the Uninstaller.


If it asks your permission to continue, please click on YES or CONTINUE on the UAC dialog



Step 3: Uninstaller will show the information that it might take about 10 minutes to remove Telstra Online Security successfully. Click on “Continue”.







Step 4: Once the Uninstaller has completed removing Telstra Online Security from the computer, please select “OK” now button to complete the process.



 After the computer is restarted, you will be taken to selfcare login page, in order to download a fresh version of Telstra Online Security, if you wish to install it again or upgrade it.


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