Scheduling Anti-Malware Scan

Scheduling Anti-Malware Scan


Step 1: On theTelstra Online Security dashboard select the Computer Protection icon.




Step 2: Clicking on the Computer Protection icon will expand the product dashboard to offer more options. Next to the computer protection heading will be the Settings button. Clicking this will open the Settings dialog box.


Step 3: In the Telstra Online Security Settings window the left frame holds the navigation menu. In this scenario the Antimalware Settings are displayed initially. Click on the Scheduled Scan option.
This will display the window pictured below.




Step 4: Place a check in the checkbox at the top, next to the word "Enable".


Step 5: Below the Scan Schedule heading, select an option to choose between Once, Daily, Weekly and Monthly scans to be scheduled.


Step 6: Then select a time and date in which you would like the scheduled scan to begin.





Step 7: You will then need to click on the Click here link below the scan schedule to select the folder/drive you would like the scheduled scan to scan through.


Step 8: By default Drive C is selected. Any additional drives you wish to scan can be added to the selected by using the Add Folder option (pictured below).
You can remove a previous selection with the Remove option.



Once your selection is complete, click on OK.

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