On-demand Anti-Malware scanning

On-demand Anti-Virus Scanning

Note: You are unable to close the Antimalware scan window whilst a scan is in progress. If you wish for an On-demand scan to occur in the background please refer to the Scheduled On-demand Malware scan article. 


Step 1: On theTelstra Online Security dashboard select the Computer Protection icon.




Step 2: Clicking on the Scan Now button will launch the Antimalware scan dialog box.
(As pictured below)



Step 4: Clicking the Scan Now option will launch the Antimalware scan.

During the scan, any detected Viruses will be listed within the Infected File menu.
See article Dealing with detected Viruses for more information.


Step 6: Once scan has been completed. Click OK to close the scan.

Click OK to close the Antimalware Scan dialog window.

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