How to disable audio and video transition effects

How do I disable the audio and/or video transition effects in SafeCentral SafeDesktop?

The audio and video transition are effects which give SafeCentral SafeDesktop the best appearance/experience.  These effects can be disabled without changing the security level the program provides.

There are two reasons one would disable these effects:

1.  For the best performance of the computer.  Newer model computers may not experience problems with these effects.  Older model computers may struggle.

2.  User does not like the visual "slide" effect or the audio "door slam" noise which is generated.

To disable these effects please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Locate the SafeCentral SafeDesktop icon on the bottom right side of your screen.  See screenshot below.


Step 2.  Right click on this icon and then select "settings" with the left mouse button.  The SafeCentral SafeDesktop settings screen should appear.  See screenshot below.


Step 3.  Select "No" for the two options "play audio transition when switching to/from SafeCentral?" and the same for the "play video" option.

Step 4.  Click "OK" when finished.  The effects are now disabled.


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