First time Installation and User Guide

Introduction to SafeCentral SafeDesktop

 SafeCentral SafeDesktop helps provide proactive protection against online identity theft by creating a separate place on your computer designed to lock out desktop malware and establishing trusted web connections.

 Identity theft and the resulting fraud generate over $50 billion in personal and institutional losses each year. Criminals are getting smarter and more sophisticated while banks and merchants are struggling to implement the latest technology to protect their customers.


Installing SafeCentral SafeDesktop

For US and UK customers - Log in to your AOL Life store account (US / UK Customers)

Click Here:

For Australia customers - Login to your BigPond selfcare account

Click Here:


Download the SafeCentral SafeDesktop Installer setup from the respective webpages


If you experience Internet Explorer Issues:

 If you are using Internet Explorer browser to download SafeCentral SafeDesktop setup, you might receive general security warnings from Internet Explorer prompting you whether to download the Installer file or not. 



If you see this issue, you can fix this issue by following the steps below:

-          Click on "Show all Content" on the information bar.

-          Click on "Save" or "Save as" from the next dialog box.

-          Save the file to your preferred location.


 Running the Installer

Open and run the SafeCentral SafeDesktop Installer



If you see this below warning, click on Run to continue.



Follow the prompt and Click on "Yes" to lift UAC prompt Restrictions:



SafeCentral SafeDesktop Installer

Step 1: Welcome

Welcome to SafeCentral SafeDesktop setup wizard.

Click on "Next" button to continue with the installation process.


Step 2: License Agreement

On this step, Click on "I Agree"  to the terms and conditions mentioned on the installer.


Step 3: License Key

Enter your license key for the installation of SafeCentral SafeDesktop and click on "Next".

Note: For AOL customers, their license key will be issued on the download page of SafeCentral SafeDesktop.

Trial customers will be able to install SafeCentral SafeDesktop after entering their details and signing up during the installation process.


Installation continuing

After the license key activation, the installer will proceed to installing SafeCentral SafeDesktop components on to the hard drive.

Note: If any of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc) is open, the Installation wizard will prompt you to close the opened browsers.



Installation Complete

Once the installation completes, you will be prompted to reboot your computer once.

Please reboot the computer in order for SafeCentral SafeDesktop to finish installing. 

Once the computer reboots, the SafeCentral SafeDesktop services will start automatically.

Users can access SafeCentral SafeDesktop environment by clicking on SafeCentral SafeDesktop button on taskbar or the short-cut on their desktop.



 Working with SafeCentral SafeDesktop

Users will now be able to switch to SafeCentral SafeDesktop environment any time when they need to do online tasks securely, such as banking, shopping, etc.

To launch SafeCentral SafeDesktop, Click on either the SafeCentral SafeDesktop button on taskbar or the short-cut on the desktop.




SafeCentral SafeDesktop Toolbar

Once the SafeCentral SafeDesktop has been installed, the users will notice SafeCentral SafeDesktop toolbar on their web browsers.

The toolbar will help customers in

-          Switching to SafeCentral SafeDesktop.

-          Adding a website as their secure favorites.

-          Automatically switching to SafeCentral SafeDesktop when any banking website is opened.


For example, if a customer accesses a National Australia Bank website called

Customers will be alerted to continue this website in a SafeCentral SafeDesktop environment. Once they click "Continue" , SafeCentral SafeDesktop will launch with in a Safe Browser.


Adding Secure Favorites


 To add any website as a Secure Favorite, please go to the website from your web browser and click on "Add to Secure Favorites" on the SafeCentral SafeDesktop toolbar.


Once a website has been added to Secure Favorites, the website will always open inside SafeCentral SafeDesktop environment once its URL is entered into the browser.


SafeCentral SafeDesktop Start Menu

To access SafeCentral SafeDesktopStart Menu, Go to SafeCentral SafeDesktop Environment and click on the Start Menu.

Users will able to change Settings and access helpful information and tutorials for understanding SafeCentral SafeDesktop.



Switching back to Windows

If you would like to switch back to normal Windows environment from SafeCentral SafeDesktop, Click on "Windows" button on the taskbar which you will find inside SafeCentral SafeDesktop.



Updating SafeCentral SafeDesktop

 Users can check for SafeCentral SafeDesktop updates manually by clicking on Updater icon at the bottom right-hand corner of their screen and click on Update.




Changing the SafeCentral SafeDesktop Settings

If users want to change SafeCentral SafeDesktop settings, they can right-click on SafeCentral SafeDesktop icon at the taskbar and click on "Settings".



Two types of categories in Settings:

-          Basic Settings, which include whether users need SafeCentral SafeDesktopl transition effects.

-          Advanced Settings, which include Proxy Settings and DNS connectivity options while inside SafeCentral SafeDesktop.



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