Import Favorites from AOL 9.x into SafeCentral SafeDesktop

How do I import Favorites from AOL 9.x into SafeCentral SafeDesktop?

 Step 1. Open AOL 9.x.

Step 2. Click the Favorites button on the top right.

Step 3. Click Manage.

Step 4. Click Save My Favorite Places as a Favorites File on my Computer.

Step 5. Click Save. The file should save to My Documents by default as Favorite Places.pfc.

Step 6. Go to Neither SafeCentral SafeDesktop nor AOL are affiliated in any way with

Step 7. In the dropdown next to What is the input format? Select AOL 8 or 9 Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) Beta.

Step 8. In the dropdown next to What is the output format? Select Internet Explorer.

Step 9. Click the browse button.

Step 11. Click Favorite Places.pfc.

Step 12. Click Open.

Step 13. Click Convert.

Step 14. Click Save.

Step 15. Click My Documents.

Step 16. Click Save.

Step 17. Click Close.

Step 18. Open SafeCentral.

Step 19. Click on the Star for Favorites on the top right.

Step 20. Select the Drop down menu arrow next to Add to favorites.

Step 21. Click Import and export...

Step 22. Leave the dot in Import from a file and click Next.

Step 23. Check Favorites and click Next

Step 24. Browse for the file you saved previously which should be named bookmarks.html then click Next

Step 25. Click Import

Step 26. Click Finish

Import completed.  Your favorites/bookmarks are now located under the Favorites menu represented by a Star at the top right of the SafeBrowser window between the Home Icon and Settings menu.

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