Disable SafeCentral SafeDesktop

You can disable specific components of SafeCentral SafeDesktop or the entire program by doing the following:

Deskband on startup

Right-click the Deskband (the black SafeCentral SafeDesktop button) on the taskbar. Click Settings and  select No for "Load SafeCentral when Windows starts?" and press OK. After reboot the deskband will no longer be there.

Process running

Right-click the Deskband (the black SafeCentral button) on the taskbar. Click Turn off SafeCentral. This will end the securedesktop.exe process and session.

Browser Plug-in

Internet Explorer Add-on: Open Internet Explorer > Click Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons. Right-click, click the Disable Radio Button, and click OK.

Firefox Add-on: Open Firefox > Click Tools > Add-ons > Right-click SafeCentral and Disable.

Chrome Extension: Open Chrome >Click Tools> Extension> Right-click SafeCentral and Disable.

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