How is the SafeCentral SafeDesktop Enterprise client deployed?

The end user will receive an email invitation to download the executable from their SafeCentral SafeDesktop Administrator. The email invitation will contain a hyperlink to the executable. The hyperlink will contain the end user's Enterprise license key and email address.

On the licensing server the HTTP request will be parsed and used to create a custom alpha-numeric executable name containing the client's license key for activation. The SafeCentral SafeDesktop installer will parse the executable name to retrieve the license key and pre-populate the Create an Account screen during setup with the end user's credentials.

The information above describes deployment by ES1 email invite which is the method that is used most often.

Please see the document attached for additional information as well as other methods to deploy SafeCentral SafeDesktop Enterprise such as web based method, USB or network drive, silent installation and enterprise deployment software.

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