What is SafeCentral Mobile Security for Android?

SafeCentral Mobile Security for Android provides protection and Web Security for home, Business, Banking, Retail, Healthcare and BYOD Environments. An integrated locked-down browser with DNS Security proactively protects users from malicious websites. The solution also features a kiosk mode that locks-down the device restricting access to only approved applications while reducing annoyance and data risks by restricting access to unauthorized key loggers and applications.

SafeCentral Mobile Security for Android creates a secure place on your Android device to:

- Go beyond standard Anti-virus app protection
- Lock out key loggers and other Spyware
- Help protect your identity from online theft
- Help protect our credit card numbers or passwords when using online transactions

SafeCentral Mobile Security for Android protects sensitive online sessions from Data-stealing Malware - Even on devices that are compromised. The App is focused on protecting Confidential Data, Preventing Fraud, and financial loss, Identify theft, by De-Securing the weakest link of all - the user's device.

SafeCentral Mobile Security for Android helps address consumer concerns about the safety of online banking, Web Purchases and others

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