Unable to delete alerts on Telstra Online Security

This article is in reference to the customers facing issues while deleting the PC Protection alerts on their computer on Telstra Online Security for Windows.


Following are the possible causes and solutions to this issue:


- The infected files do not exist on the drive or exist on external disk which is not connected at that moment. Or it exists on the Read-only disk.


In this case, customer is advised to scan all of their disks using Telstra Online Security full AntiMalware scan. Make sure all disk drives are selected upon running the scan.



- The infected files are quarantined already by a Third-Party Antivirus

Telstra Online Security detects infected files that exist even in the quarantine vault/folder of another antivirus. And hence, it is not able to take the selected action for the alerts upon detection.

In this case, please make sure that all Third Party Antivirus has been uninstalled. Also make sure to disable Windows Defender.

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