Creating Administrators

After requesting an instance from your Sales group, an Administrator will be created for you based on your implementation and distribution requirements. If you want to create additional Administrators you can do so.

To create additional Administrators:

1. Log into Enterprise Server with your Enterprise Administrator email and password. The URL and credentials will be provided to you by email.

2. Select the Admins tab.

3. Select Add Administrator under the Tasks section.

ES1 Tasks Tab

4. Enter the name and email for the administrator.


ES1 Add Administrator Tab

5. Select the Roles tab.

6. Select the level of administration desired. There are three types of administrators:

    a. Enterprise Administrator - the highest level of access has access to all of the system functions and features.
    b. Subscription Administrator - the second highest level has access to most system functions and manages individual subscriptions, or multiple subscriptions.
    c. Group Administrator - the lowest level, with access to manage individual groups within a subscription.

7. On the Permissions tab you can elect optional reporting access.

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