Miscellaneaous issues specific to Telstra Online Security on Windows XP

This article is in reference to some customers who are using Microsoft Windows XP specifically, who experience issues while/after installing Telstra Online Security.


Following are the possible causes and solutions to these issues:


- Windows XP is not up-to-date

Customers with Windows XP can face issues with the Telstra Online Security installation if their Operating System is not up-to-date until the last released update by Microsoft.

Even though Microsoft has stopped releasing updates to XP, it's best to make sure the computer is up-to-date at least until the available updates.

Successful installation of Telstra Online Security requires minimum Windows XP (Service Pack 3), .Net Framework 4 and Windows Installer 4.5


- Windows XP machine has user permission issues

Some old computers with Windows XP OS can have several issues within its System Management as well as User Account Permissions.

In such cases, Microsoft has stopped providing support since a long time and hence users are encouraged to either upgrade their machines to latest Operating Systems or Reset their Machines to a state when their computers did not have such issues while installing Programs.


- Windows XP machine has been already infected

There could be several problems with the installation of an antivirus product, if the user's computer is already infected by a malware. It is always recommended by all the AntiVirus providers to clean the computer thoroughly before installing the product.

To do this, log the user into SafeMode on start-up and then clean up all the Temporary and Cached files in the customer's machine. Make sure to go through list of services on startup making sure no unknown or suspicious programs are being started during the system startup.

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