Enterprise Client Installation

When the SafeCentral SafeDesktop Enterprise Administrator sends the email invitation to users they will receive an email titled SafeCentral SafeDesktop Enterprise Installation. The installer will run and load the Enterprise client on the local computer.

To install the Enterprise client:

1.  Launch the invitation email.

2. Select the link to download or copy and paste the URL into a new browser window.

3. It is recommended to close other running applications. Click Next at the welcome setup screen.

4. Select I Agree at the License Agreement screen.

5. Your SafeCentral SafeDesktop key should auto populate your key at the Create an Account screen.

6. If applicable verify your proxy settings and credentials.

 Proxy Settings Screen

 7. The installer will install files to the local computer.

 8. Once completed the installer will prompt you to reboot. It is recommended to reboot. Click Finish.


SafeCentral SafeDesktop Setup


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