What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social Media Monitoring is a service from Telstra which enhances the protection of our Telstra Online Security. From anywhere on the internet parents or guardians can be alerted when:

  • Inappropriate or aggressive words are used in conversation or status updates on their children's accounts;
  • Undesirable photos or videos are being seen or commented on by children;
  • Strangers or people who might be of concern connect to, friend or follow a child.
  • Parents and guardians can receive daily, weekly or monthly alert emails if there is any concerning behaviour on Social Networks and sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace. More social networks will be protected on an ongoing basis.

If you are worried about what your kids are doing on social networks, we recommend our Social Media Monitoring feature. It will help you guide them if things get a little out of hand, while still giving them the  freedom to meet their friends.


How does Social Media Monitoring work?

Social Media Monitoring is a cloud-based, social networking protection tool which is easy to set up and will help you monitor your children's use of social networking sites. Parents can benefit from:

  • Not needing to have working knowledge of the social networking world
  • Self-monitoring their own activity if they're novice users of social networking
  • Not needing to be computer-savvy to enter the world of social networking;
  • Knowing Telstra Safe Social will choose a protection level suitable for the age of their child. Those levels range from Starting out for very young kids to Pre-teen, Teen and Adult
  • Instant alerts via SMS or daily, weekly & monthly snapshot reports about their kid's social network activity
  • allowing their children to operate independently on social networks, while also being protected
  • "Peace of mind" as children begin using social networking outside their ability to directly supervise, eg. on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets
What activities will Social Media Monitoring help you monitor?

Social Media Monitoring helps you to make easy decisions on how you and your family are interacting on social networks, and it will:

  • Alert you early and often if your child might be bullied on social networks;
  • Allows you to review the photos and videos your child is sharing or viewing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or MySpace so you can decide if the content is suitable;
  • Advise you when new friends are added so you can be reassured your child isn't friending unsuitable adults or people from outside their network;
  • Monitoring keywords to see if they are unsuitable and:
    Alert you if the conversation turns down the wrong path or when threats are detected
  • Highlight anti-social behaviour in your child's social network conversations
  • Help protect children from cyber-bullying and other threats
  • Make sure their reputation isn't negatively impacted by harmful online interactions
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