Adding a Family member to Social Media Monitoring

To begin setting up Social Media Monitoring, click on the Social Media Monitoring icon on the Telstra Online Security dashboard, this will open the Social Media Monitoring panel.

To open Social Media Monitoring in your browser, click on the launch button, in the Social Media Monitoring panel.


This will launch the Social Media Monitoring control panel in your browser. You will be asked to login with your normal Telstra username and password.

Once logged in, you will be shown a list of family members currently configured to use Social Media Monitoring, if you have not previously configured any, you will be presented with a dialog asking you to enter information for a new family member.


The Age entered in this form will determine the level of protection applied for this particular family member, as well as what kind of actions you will be alerted to on the selected Social network.

After entering their information, click on Choose Social Network to proceed to the next step, which will be linking Social Media Monitoring to their social network accounts.


On the Social Media Monitoring control panel you will now see your family member's name, together with a list of social network sites that are being monitored by the application.



To review the policy applied for this particular family member, and make any necessary changes. Simply launch Social Media Monitoring again through the Telstra Online Security dashboard.


Social Network icon statuses and their meaning

Profile has correct permissions and is being correctly monitored by Social Media Monitoring.

In Progress or Rate Limits
The solution is currently working to connect to the social network or the amount of data being collected from the Social network has exceeded the network’s limit. If this is the case, Social Media Monitoring will attempt to connect to the social network at a later time.

Social Media Monitoring is not/no longer monitoring this Social Network

This status is displayed when the following has occurred:

- An incorrect username/password has been supplied for family member’s social network
- The family member has changed the password for the social network
- The social network is experiencing issues


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