Create Custom Parental Controls Policy

To create a new Telstra Online Security Policy, please log on to your Parental Controls management and follow the steps given below:

Step 1.

Once you’ve logged into your parental controls console, please click on “Create Policy” from your Parental Control Management.


 Fill in the Policy Name and Policy Description as given in the example above.

Select what Profile do you want to be your Policy to be based on.

In the above example, ADULT profile is selected, as a user is able to view most of the internet content, except certain advertisements and harmful websites.

Click Continue once the user has made their selection.



 Once you SAVE your policy, it will be added to your list of policies which you can manage by clicking on “Manage Your Policies”


Following will be your policies from which you will be able to choose which to apply to the particular User Account on your computer or Multiple Computers. 






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