What is Safe Browser?

Providing security on the web is virtually impossible without accounting for the main tool used to communicate with the web: your web browser. You can’t expect to have a private conversation on a phone that’s been tapped, just as you can’t expect to have a private transaction in a browser that may be compromised.

Safe Browser is an active desktop agent designed to allow only authorized computing activity. Rather than reacting to the latest virus, spyware, or root-kit, Safe Browser acts as a traffic cop allowing only approved activities to execute.

Screen capture agents, key-loggers, and other otherwise undetected spyware on your system are rendered deaf and blind by Safe Browser's active defenses. In addition, Safe Browser provides utilities, updates, and a wealth of other content and communications capabilities between trusted websites and consumers.

The Safe Browser secure desktop environment provides an encrypted browser that is integrated into Safe Browser itself to ensure completely private and safe web interactions.

If you have Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome installed on your computer Safe Browser will install an extension into your web browser that will suggest which sites you would want to launch in the secure environment. When browsing in your regular browser you will receive a plug-in alert which will suggest the launch the site always in Safe Browser. Note the default setting once you click continue is to always show the specified website in Safe Browser.

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