First-Time Setting up Parental Controls

Usually when a user installs Telstra Online Security package, he can access to the controls page and select default policy which comes up automatically in a web browser.

However, if the user wants to select their Parental Controls manually in case they were not able to set up after installation, they can do so by following the steps below.


To setup Parental Controls for the first time on your computer, please follow the instructions below:


  1. Click on Parental Controls icon on your Telstra Online Security Dashboard.
  2. Select “Launch” from the menu.


Following a successful login the user will be displayed Figure below.

The user is now logged in to the account used to manage the policy and profiles available for their Telstra Online Security service.

By default Telstra Online recommends the ‘Family Friendly' policy.


To see additional information about the policy a user can select the ‘More Detail’ link to expand the additional information section, as seen in Figure below.

If a user wishes to utilise a different policy, select the link ‘Show other policy available… Click here’ to display Figure below.

Each policy has a description available giving an overview of key features / options.

Once a user has decided on a Parental Control policy and selected the corresponding radio button, selecting the ‘Continue’ button will direct the user to the Policy Customisation options as displayed in Figure below.

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