Blocked Websites and Alerts

If a browser tries to access any category of websites which are not allowed by a specific policy, the web browser will come up with this type of page with blocked content.

For example: If a Parental Guidance policy is selected, which prohibits all the pornographic content, a page like below will be generated to prohibit access to that website.

On the blocked page shown above, user will be given options as follows:

  • Send this site to Parent or Guardian so they can see if it is okay for you to visit.
  • If you think this website is okay to visit, update your Parental Controls Policy.
  • Allow Temporary Access to this website.

Following this blocked page, the administrator will also be notified through their email that an attempt was made to access this webpage. 

Besides the Blocked Page on web browser, the Telstra Online Security Console will also generate alerts, upon which the user has to action.

The user can delete the alerts by clicking on “Delete the alert” or “all Family Safety Alerts”

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