Keyword Monitoring

How do I adjust the severity ratings of keywords?
The severity of monitored keywords can be adjusted within the Edit Alert Keywords List option, which can be found on the Account Settings page.

The Account settings screen can be found by clicking on settings on the right hand side of the main Social Media Monitoring screen.



From the Keywords screen, the user will be able to click on an individual category to modify the settings related to individual keywords that are being monitored.


Clicking on an individual category will bring up a list of keywords in that category currently being monitored. From this screen you are able to change settings related to individual keywords.

To edit the severity of a particular monitored keyword, click on the edit button next to the keyword. Or to remove it, click on delete.


How can I add my own keywords to be monitored?
To add a new keyword, simply click on the Add Keyword button above the category list.



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