Configuring Social Media Monitoring for Facebook

To configure Social Media Monitoring to monitor a family member's social interactions on Facebook, first launch the Social Media Monitoring dashboard by clicking on the Social Media Monitoring icon on the Telstra Online Security dashboard, this will open the Social Media Monitoring panel.

To open Social Media Monitoring in your browser, click on the launch button, in the Social Media Monitoring panel.

This will launch the Social Media Monitoring control panel in your browser. You will be asked to login with your normal Telstra username and password.

Once logged in, you will be shown a list of family members currently configured to use Social Media Monitoring, next to each will be icons representing the various social networks that Social Media Monitoring can be configured to protect.


Click on the Facebook icon to continue setting up continue setting up Social Media Monitoring to monitor Facebook for inappropriate actions.


After clicking the icon, you will presented with a screen showing the terms of service. After reading the terms of service, to continue setting up Social Media Monitoring, click on the I Accept button.


Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be taken to a screen asking you to connect Facebook to begin linking the family member's social media account to Social Media Monitoring.


click on the Connect using Facebook button to begin linking the accounts.

This will launch Facebook, and ask you to log in to Facebook using the family member's username and password.


You will then be prompted to allow the Social Media Monitoring app to access your social media account. Click on the appropriate option to grant Social Media Monitoring the appropriate permissions. In this case, click on okay to continue.


Congratulations! You have now successfully linked your family member's Social network account to Social Media Monitoring. 


On the Social Media Monitoring control panel you will now see your family member's name, together with a list of social network sites that are being monitored by the application.


To review the policy applied for this particular family member, and make any necessary changes. Simply launch Social Media Monitoring again through the Telstra Online Security dashboard.

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